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Crossover Icons

An Icon Contest Community

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Welcome to crossover_icons, a new challenge community for icon makers. I hope you like the community and decide to join.

About the challenge:
This challenge is to make crossover icons from two movies, shows, books, comics, or anything else I come up with or you recommend. I will post two challenges every Friday night or Saturday. The first challenge will be visual. It will have some images from a movie, TV show, etc. and you will have to give it text from a different movie, TV show, etc. The second challenge will be textual. It will have lines from a movie, TV show, book, play, etc. and the challenge will be to use part of the text in an icon with an image from a different movie, TV show, book, play, etc.
All entries will be due by Friday at 11:30PM Pacific Time, two weeks after the challenge is posted. Voting will take place between Saturday morning and Sunday at midnight.
The top 3 icons will be awarded with banners.

Entry Rules:
1. Entries must be posted between the firts Monday and the second Friday at midnight, or they will not be considered.
2. Each member may submit 3 entries per challenge, that means a total of 6 entries a week, unless otherwise specified.
3. Entries are to be submitted as comments to the challenge post, all of which will be screened.
4. You must be a member of the community to submit an icon entry.
5. All icon entries must fit within the lj requirements: 100x100 pixels (at most) and less than 40k.
6. All entries must be submitted like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Text: Serenity (movie)
Images: Little Mermaid (movie)

Voting Rules:
1. Vote for the three icons you like best in order.
2. All votes will be submitted in comments to the voting post, which will be screened until announcement of the winners.
3. All entries will be displayed anonymously for voting purposes.
4. Do not vote for your own icons!
5. Do not vote for a friend just because you know them.
6. Feel free to comment on why you voted for specific icons. These comments will be displayed anonymously along with the winners.

General notes:
If you have any challenge suggestions I would love to see them in comments here. Be sure to check the list of previous challenges in that post before you suggest something.
This is supposed to be a fun challenge community to promote the creativity of lj members. So please be respectful of other people's entries. Please no flaming, etc. I hope everyone enjoys themselves.

I you would like to affiliate with me, please comment at this post.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, the moderator at my regular journal, telcontar_ii, or through email, catelf21@yahoo.com.

If you would like to become an affiliate, please comment here.